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pmt Palestine Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities is responsible for:
•Supervising, licencing and controlling tourism entities in the Palestinian areas.
•Promoting Palestine as an independent tourist destination rich in culture, nature, history and the hospitality of its people.
•Safeguarding, renovating and rehabilitating of cultural heritage sites.

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In the year 2005, the Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association was established as the representative association for all Palestinian inbound tour operators; operating independently under the umbrella of the currently dormant Arab Tourist and Travel Association that was established in the 1970’s as its inbound tour operators branch.


jtcJTC is a nonprofit network that works among the various economic, cultural, religious, educational, and vocational sectors that are related directly or indirectly to tourism in Jerusalem. It aims to generate a real added value that will act as an economic engine to enhance competitiveness as well as to illustrate the unique Palestinian identity in Jerusalem. JTC has representatives from different sectors such as tourism organizations, trade unions, religious delegates, vocational bodies, educational organizations and other stakeholders in Jerusalem tourism industry.

tajAJ Cluster is a group of enterprises, companies, institutions and individuals working in the tourism industry in East Jerusalem. The cluster consists of entities that are part of the tourism value chain in the city, such as but not limited to: hotels, Tour operators, handicrafts, jewelry, restaurants, souvenir shops, transportation companies, heritage shops and tour guides.
TAJ Cluster is a business oriented body that tends to formalize the relationship between all players in the industry to establish strong Synergy with the public sector and other supporting institutions to integrate all efforts in order to support and develop the sector.