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About us:

logo icon 01 The Arab Hotel Association (AHA) is non-profit, officially registered organization representing Palestinian hotels throughout the Holy Land and assisting other related tourism associations in Palestine. AHA was established in Jerusalem in 1962 and currently has 82 members with well over 6010 guest rooms. The expanding role of the hotel industry in the Palestinian economy provides the AHA with many new challenges. Through restructuring planned process the current association includes hotels in Palestine under its umbrella ensuring decentralized representation through its four regions in Palestine. AHA will represent more than 100 members with more than 10000 rooms.


logo icon 01 Is to be the leading partner in a developing a competitive Palestinian tourism product.


logo icon 01 Is to represent Palestinian member hotels and to ensure that our members are having the environment to evolve and to open opportunities based on strategic priorities of the hospitality industry in the fields of finance, technical assistance, policy management and marketing service.

Goals and Objectives:

logo icon 01 Our strategic goals and objectives were identified though a strategic management in partnership with MOTA and others.

 AHA Strategic Goals are:

logo icon 01 Lead and participate in policy management issues related to the tourism sector in general and the hotel industry in particular

logo icon 01 Provide technical assistance towards sound hotel management and performance

logo icon 01 Seeking appropriate financial means to members Objectives

logo icon 01 Providing members with marketing services and information on targeted and competitive markets